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You may be a theist or an atheist, but Wat Pho possesses the power to leave you spellbound. The 160-feet long reclining Buddha statue will compel you to coop a spot and bask in the glorious grandeur of the temple. You might want to keep the debauchery under wrap because the temple guards are big fans of discipline!


Even if you are a loyal buyer of high-end designer wear and luxury malls make your heart skip a beat, we would still nudge you gently towards
Chatuchak Market. One of the biggest street markets in the world set up only over the weekend, it is known for selling fashionable jewellery,
clothes, shoes, and trinkets.


The blooming gardens, intimidating yet captivating statues, and riveting architecture at Wat Arun pull people from all across the globe. It is also known as the Temple of Dawn after a popular legend. Wat Arun is one of the most striking temples in Bangkok and people throng it to climb the towering spires; the view from the top is a treat for the eyes.


The Grand Palace located in the old city of Bangkok on the banks of the Chao Phraya river is one of the must see sites of Thailand. This complex is one of the most famous landmarks of the country and offers spectacular buildings and sacred sites.

A three-level rooftop bar perched on the 45th floor of Marriot Hotel in Sukhumvit, Octave is the only bar in the town with a sweeping 360 degrees view of the city. A heady blend of cocktails, groovy music, gourmet dishes, and breathtaking view of the skyline together make a powerful concoction for an unforgettable night.

Rot Fai Market is a collector’s desire, dreamer’s delight, and photographer’s muse. It comes alive under a starlit sky with sellers selling vintage cars, leather jackets, antiques, mouth-watering snacks, and much more. This market is an experience in itself!

Raise your hands up in the air, tap your feet, sway your body, and lose yourself to the night you might never forget. Royal City Avenue is the mecca for club hoppers who love music, drinks, and meeting new people from across the world. So, be sure to visit Royal City Avenue if you are looking for a night (or two) of unadulterated fun!

Bangkok is immensely popular for its night markets and Asiatique is not the one to be missed! It is a sprawling maze with boutique designers, quirky home furnishing stores, and street fashion vendors under a starlit sky. There is a culinary corner with over 40 restaurants with many of them stationed on the river deck. You can lose yourself in the picturesque setting while relishing your meal as locals captivate you with their music playing in the background.


Wear your most snazzy outfit, slip in your feet into comfortable party shoes, gather all your energy, and trace your steps towards the Walking Street. It is a kilometer-long street running from Beach Road end to Bali Hai Plaza end and has nightclubs, restaurants, Go-Go Bars, and Beer Bars on both the sides. An electrifying energy takes over your mind and body as you lose yourself in the overwhelming crowd. It is believed that you would need to visit Pattaya more than once to explore each and every bar in the Walking Street.


After partying all night, head to the beach to soak in the sun and rejuvenate yourself. Pattaya is known not only for its nightlife but the mesmerising beauty of the nature too. Jomtein Beach is one of the most popular beaches and people visit it to surf, swim, and enjoy watersports. Pattaya Beach on the other hand is one of the finest beaches in the city. If you are tired of the water activities then make your way to one of the many shops and restaurants lined along the sidewalk.


A delighting show of extravagant costumers, stunning ladyboys and spectacular stage. From Russian stage to K-Pop to Persian Harlem, the entire show is full of entertainment. The use of modern technology in visual effects, state-of-the-art light & sounds, and grand theaters combined with the amazing performances is worth a watch!

Enjoy fun activities like snorkeling, parasailing, sea walker, jet skiing and banana boat ride on a white sand beach surrounded by multi-coloured coral reefs. It is the biggest island off the coast of Pattaya on the Gulf of Thailand. Clear water and endless skies along with mountainous terrain and rocky outcrops take the scenic beauty of the island to the next level.

The legendary Tiffany’s Show is the Original Transvestite Cabaret Show in Pattaya, Thailand. A world-class theatrical, entertaining music, extravagant costumes, amazing lighting & effects, and detailed scenery with the stunning showgirls will make your night magical and memorable.

Enjoy the company of Elephants with well-trained English-speaking guides in Pattaya. Know about the behavior, habits, and even the personal history of the Elephants. Live the moment with incredible experiences of bathing or feeding the Elephants by hand.

Escape crazy Pattaya for the day by speedboat and spend the day relaxing on the beach. Have a beautiful seafood lunch. Enjoy the quietness of the place and swim in crystal blue waters.

Leave town and experience amazing views of nature on a thrilling zip line ride. The trips are designed taking care of every international safety measures and the guides involved in the activity are zipline experts. Discover more than what you could imagine and witness the luscious beauty of Thailand.

Take a different look at the busy city and view some Thai Culture at Big Buddha Hill (Wat Phra Yai). This place is known for the placement of the biggest Buddha statue of Chonburi province on the top of Pratamnak Hill. Relish the views of the Pattaya bay area during your road trip to the top of hill. Experience the peaceful breeze and spiritual energy of the place.

Visit the beautiful gardens of Nong Nooch Village and get refreshed by the most beautiful botanical and pottery garden spreaded over 500 acres. Get delighted by different themes in the garden accompanied by Thai dance show and elephant shows.

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While you are coming to Jomtien for your traveling appetite you must be looking for the Luxury Accommodation in Jomtien. This place offers some finest choices of Boutique Hotel in Jomtien where you can not only stay but also spend a great time enjoying amazing hospitality topped with the finest food available at the local restaurant and a poolside experience with a glass of wine while getting the rich experience of the finest evening in the City. You can book your Dream Hotel in Jomtien in a few minutes simply with the help of internet where you can go through various rooms available and pick one as per your budget and requirements.

These hotels offer you a lot of complementary facilities as well which includes a fast Wi-Fi, 24-hour available service desk, kid’s zone in case you are coming with your family and Nanny & babysitting services for toddlers so that you can enjoy your stay at a hotel without any repetitive disturbances. The bar situated in the hotel allows you to choose some finest liquors available as well. Boutique Hotel in Jomtien has earned their reputation due to the services and amenities they offer.

Jomtien is a place which one should not miss if he or she is coming to Thailand city. It is true that the town is a less discussed place on the various itineraries of Thailand (which mainly talks about Pattaya Phuket Bangkok Chiang Mai mainly) but due to its convenient location from the Pattaya and Bangkok both you must try this place at once. The place is full of condominiums, some amazing local attraction beautiful beaches and yes, the amazing Thai cuisine that you can try at local restaurants as well as street food stalls.

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