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Human Rights Housing Project is an initiative to provide houses to elderly and underprivileged families who strive towards a better future. The Foundation also facilitates the residents with basic amenities, such as specialised school for autistic children, training program for learning skills to support themselves financially, playground for kids, and a patch of land to grow vegetables. This step enables people to become self-reliant.


Every child needs a ray of hope to move in the direction of a successful life. Hand to Hand Foundation enables children of ragpickers, garbage collectors, and manual labourers to attend school where they are provided with free books, healthy meals, clothes, and medical aid.


Scholarships are a godsend for students who choose to give wings to their ambitions by studying further. The funds raised by the organisation allows the children to educate, pay for their uniform, travel expenses, and other requirements. Also, the Foundation ropes in social welfare agencies to help the children document their birth certificates and house registration papers.


Weekends are a treat for older children where they are availed a platform to channelise their creative energy. The children are encouraged to try their hand at creating art and participate in recreational activities.


There are many illegal immigrants cooped in the local prisons. The volunteers at the Foundation visit them thrice a week with food and water for adults while children are given milk, towels, diapers, and toys.


Underprivileged and financially inept families are provided support and care to help them lead a dignified life. They are given care packages that include rice, cooking oil, soap, noodles, and tined fish, and efforts are being made to train the unemployed people for fair job prospects. Also, the Foundation is aiming to safeguard children from sex trafficking with the help of local authorities.


Premature babies and sick children are often forced to stay in unfavourable conditions in hospitals due to lack of funds and absence of family. We provide basic amenities, such as towels, milk formula, diapers, clothes, and medicines to these children. Also, every child is gifted colouring books, pencils, and art supplies to keep them occupied and happy.


Hand to Hand Foundation has collaborated with Social Welfare Department and other agencies to ensure a bright future for families living in slums. We provide food, vaccination, and protection to each and every child belonging to underprivileged families.

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