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The culture in Land of Smiles can be best described as fascinating, admirable, and a tad amusing. The etiquettes, clothing, food, and beliefs may vary as you move around the country, but Thais never forget to be polite. So, if you are travelling to Thailand then keep a few things mind!

Over recent years Thailand emerged as the number ONE tourist destination in South East Asia. And it is easy to see why. Not only has Bangkok become the gateway to all of SE Asia, but the Land of Smiles has one or twenty things of its own that need crossing off the bucket list.

Kicking back on the beautiful islands (Kohs) of Samui, Larn, Chang, Taruato, Lanta, Samet, Jum or Similan is the perfect way to laze away any weekend or celebrate the monthly FULL MOON.

Scuba diving and snorkelling are mind altering experiences in these crystal waters.

Thailand is fortunate to have both beautiful islands AND breathtaking mountains. And whether you are a mountain lion or monkey you will find gentle slopes or intense climbing, tourist trails and remote adventures, wide open plains and jungle.

There are hill tribe trails, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and caves (don’t go in them when it rains) among the dozens of national parks. We will find the ones to suit YOU.

Enjoy the world famous Full Moon Parties. Over 20,000 people from around the world converge on the islands to celebrate the monthly Full Moon.

The popular Vegetarian Food Festivals in Phuket and Pattaya during the Lent period are packed with stalls, shows, parades and delicious vegetarian food.

And the annual water festival, known as Songkran, is a giant nationwide, fun-filled, water fight that begins in the North of the country on April 13 and works its way down the Kingdom to a close in the South on April 19.

Once Thailand’s ancient capital this now abandoned ruin is one of the most popular historic sites in Asia. A wonderful place to bike around and then enjoy the sunset in peace.

If you have a head for heights then rock climbing in Ko Yao Noi is one for the bucket list, and for the image gallery. Every step of the way includes some of the most magnificent views you will find anywhere in the world. Also in this area you can swim or kayak, although keep an eye out for the monkeys, birds and cobras.

Wildlife Tourism has become one of the most controversial topics in Thailand over recent years.

Crocodile Farms, Tiger Temples and Elephant Parks have all come in for some fierce criticism for their treatment and neglect of beautiful animals.

But you can make a difference by volunteering at any one of the official sanctuaries where you can learn so much and enjoy these amazing creatures as they recover from whatever ‘mistreatment’ they have been rescued from.

The Death Railway runs north-west out of Bangkok and only an hour or so out is the infamous Bridge on the River Kwai.

Kanchanaburi is one of the most picturesque parts of Thailand and yet remains scarred by brutal world war two stories of Japanese forced labour, slavery and torture.

The many museums do not quite tell the whole story but the immaculate and peaceful military cemetery comes close.

Alternatively you may prefer the kitchen and choose to learn how to prepare authentic and traditional Thai food at one of the many cookery schools.

Impress your friends back home by fetching up some simple and healthy Asian food, just like your new Thai granny makes it.

If you prefer to have somebody else cook for you then look no further than the nearest street corner.

Everywhere you go in Thailand, especially in the cities, you will find authentic, freshly cooked food on road stalls, shop houses and motorbike kitchens.

Chicken, pork, fish and all sorts of vegetable versions are available everywhere you look for little more than a dollar a dish.

Pick your favourite or try a new one every day. Tip: Look for the ones where the local Thai people are queuing.

Wat Pho is one of the largest, and oldest, temples in Thailand and can be found on Rattanakosin Island in Bangkok.

The Buddhist complex features the famous 46-meter reclining Buddha among its many attractions

Ko Kood is one of the virgin islands in Thailand. Clean, clear water just asking to be dived into. There are tropical rain forests, waterfalls, mangroves and is just bursting with vegetation. Amazing.

There are trails and treks all over Thailand, some of them winding through the most remote areas.

Grab yourself a group of friends, and an experienced local tour guide, and go off to enjoy the unspoiled nature of Asian wilderness.

Keep fit and learn one of Thailand’s national sports. There are Muay Thai gyms and fitness centres all across the Kingdom with experienced coaches. Come and fight for real or just burn off some energy.

There are few countries that are so full of markets and value shopping centres. You can travel light and buy cheap as you go along your way.

No need to arrive in Thailand with a case full of toiletries, chargers, batteries, short and T-shirts. They can all be bought locally for just a few dollars.

It doesn’t matter if anything gets left behind.

If you like to party up a storm then welcome to Thailand. Known across the world as the party capital of Asia. Thailand is packed with live music venues, night-clubs, traditional performance, bars, restaurants, cabaret, strip shows and disco.

There is a party on every corner in Thailand and you won’t be shelling out loads of cash either.

Every town, city and village has many traditional local massage salons. Almost as many as there are pharmacies.

The best way to rejuvenate is to slip into a warm oil massage performed by experienced locals. You will sleep the sleep of the just and righteous and be ready to go again the next morning.

There might not be another country in the world that celebrates its Buddhist soul better than Thailand.

For centuries now the Thais have been creating beautiful temples, statues, pagodas and palaces which have all become part of their daily lives.

For the imaginative traveller they are the perfect spiritual experience.

The ancient city of Ayutthaya reveals the past splendour of Thailand with its prangs and towering Buddhist monasteries.

A stroll through the old capital during a magical sunset show will provide photo opportunities that will impress everyone back home. There is plenty to learn here too.

Despite much of Thailand being rural and unspoiled, almost everywhere has access to wi fi and power.

You can be in the middle of nowhere for weeks and still find it easy to stay in touch with the outside world. And keep working, if you must.

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